What is a Community?


St. George’s is a big church and we know it can be hard to
get to know people. The best way to really feel you belong is
by joining a Community.

This is a group of between 10 and 35 people with a common
vision and focus for mission.
They are the best place for growing as disciples of Jesus -

up towards God, in towards one another and out in
loving service to the world. We want to create spaces for
people who might not otherwise have any connection with Church
to engage with the message of Jesus where they are,
and our Missional Communities are a great place to do this.

As Christians gather together and create room for those who
don’t yet know Jesus to join them, some really quite amazing
things can happen.

Our MCs get up to all sorts of things together, ranging from
simple things like eating, prayer and Bible study, to wine tasting,
salsa nights, Messy Church, acoustic music nights, visiting care
homes, Café Church, outreach, and so much more.

Most of our Communities have at least one small group as
part of the community (or ‘cell group’ – which is about growing
and multiplying, not about being locked up!), providing a safe
place for friendship and are an excellent place to get to know
people and feel a sense of belonging. They are also a springboard
for living out a life of service and mission to the world.

Click on each of the Missional Community logos below to see
what our current group of MCs are up to, their vision and a
contact email in case you’d like to come along and see what
it’s like for yourself.