Pulse is our community for the older youth (school years 10-13) and is a great place to hang out, get to know each other and explore the big questions of life. We meet on Sunday nights from 7pm-8:30pm in the Church Extension for time to chill out, to play games, watch a movie or eat together. For those who want to connect a little more and go a bit deeper into discovering more about Jesus and how he changes our lives for the better, we meet at 5:30pm before Pulse on a Sunday at Church every other week. Join us!

We also meet on the first Sunday evening of every month for The Beat - our youth worship event, along with Emerge.
Click here for more info on The Beat.

Pulse is led by Lynne Williams. ( lwilliams@dovergramboys.kent.sch.uk )

The video below is of our trip to the Christian Festival Soul Survivor this Summer! 

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