Dr. Joe Boot 2017

on October the 11th at 7:30pm we will be joined by Dr. Joe Boot from Christian Concern.

He will be speaking on Christian Truth in a secular world. 

 Taken from the Ezra Institute Website:

Rev. Dr. Joe Boot

Joe Boot

Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot (M.A., Ph.D.) is a cultural philosopher and theologian, leading Christian apologist, founding pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto and founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity (EICC). Originally from Great Britain, he served with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries for seven years as an apologist based in Oxford England and Toronto Canada. Joe has spoken all over the world in 30 countries at numerous universities, seminaries, churches, colleges, and conferences from Eton College and Oxford, to Forman University in Lahore, Pakistan. He regularly addresses pastors and Christian leaders as well as medical, legal, and business professionals in North America, Britain, and the Middle East and has publicly debated leading atheistic thinkers and philosophers in Canada and the United States.

Joe did his undergraduate studies in Theology (Birmingham Christian College, U.K), earned his Master’s degree in Mission Theology (University of Manchester U.K), and holds a Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual Thought (WTS, Florida USA). A contributing author to Thomas Nelson’s major Christian apologetics volume, Beyond Opinion, Joe’s major apologetic works include Searching for Truth (Crossway), Why I Still Believe (Baker), and How Then Shall We Answer (New Wine) which have been published in Europe and North America. His most noted contribution to Christian thought, The Mission of God (Wilberforce Publications/Ezra Press), is a systematic work of cultural theology exploring the biblical worldview as it relates to the Christian’s mission in the world. His latest volume, Gospel Culture develops this theme and serves as an introduction to a scriptural worldview. Joe serves as Senior Fellow for the cultural and apologetics think-tank truthXchange in Southern California; is Senior Fellow of cultural philosophy for the California based Centre for Cultural Leadership and is director of the annual Wilberforce Academy training program in Cambridge U.K as well as faculty for the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Blackstone Legal Academy in Washington DC. In 2011 Joe was recognized by Toronto’s Centre for Mentorship and Theological Reflection as ‘Best Preacher Apologist’ for his contribution to apologetic and expository preaching. Joe is general editor of the Ezra Institute’s Journal, Jubilee, serves as chancellor for Westminster Classical Christian Academy, and is regularly been heard on radio and Television broadcasts. Joe lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, Jenny, and their three children: Naomi, Hannah, and Isaac.

Bethany Keenan, 27/09/2017